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Paper short love long, thank you | Dongshan High School to carry out a series of Thanksgiving week activities -- "I want to quietly say to you"

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"Grateful heart, thank you, accompany me all my life, let me have the courage to be myself;Grateful heart, thank fate, flowers bloom and fall, I will cherish the same..."Familiar melody, again and again bring us the deep heart of the moving。Gratitude theme education has always been an important part of school moral education。

From November 29 to December 3, 2021, the Student Union of Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School planned a series of activities of "I want to say to You Quietly".Using letters as a medium, using pen and inkShow one's gratitude。

High school students occupy most of their time in school life and study, and the feelings with teachers are deep, intimate and complex。In daily life, they must have a lot of words and suggestions to the teacher that they want to say but dare not say, want to say but are embarrassed to say。The Student union of Dongshan High School asks students to write what they want to say to their teachers on paper and put it into a special letterIn the "Secret Box," letters are divided into light blue and pink。Students' light blue letters will be secretly delivered to the designated teachers, pink letters will be read aloud by the school radio station, in the form of radio waves every afternoon to spread students' love for teachers to every corner of the campus。

During the week-long thanks-themed activity, letters filled with love and gratitude poured in. Some students expressed their love to the class teacher by writing, expressed their admiration to the teachers, and even more students expressed their gratitude to the dormitory administrator, aunt and canteen staff. The campus was full of warmth and touching。

          This is the end of a week of activities,Teacher Sun Suo, group leader of Grade One, gave full affirmation to the activity,And made a wonderful summary,It is called on the students to always have a grateful heart,Inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation,One should repay a drop of water with a gushing spring of gratitude,Study happily in the warm land of Dongshan Senior High School,Happy life。

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