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Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School branch committee held a meeting of probationary party members

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202324日,中共Dongshan City of NanjingSenior high schoolBranch committee召开预备Party member conversion conference, school party支部书记Zhou FeihuDeputy secretary Zhu Cuihua, Party branch member Fang Jun陈扬Attend meetings,Organizing committee member Wu XiaoshengChair a meeting。The convention is in order. YesZhang Li, Li Xiaofu and Sun JiaoThe question of the conversion of comrades to regular service was discussed and discussed票决


The conversion assembly in solemn国歌Middle curtainIn accordance with convention procedure, prepareParty member Zhang LiLi Xiaofu, Sun JiaosanA surname首先Apply to the organization for regularization respectivelyOne by one, he summarized his performance and progress in thinking, work, life and study during the preparatory period, and also showed his determination to join the Party and his outlook for the future。Then, Zhao Xiaoxiao, Qiu Shuang and Wu Jing, the three probationary party members, introduced the three probationary party members during their conversionCultivation investigationFor their performance during the conversion period were affirmed, and the participating party members also expressed their opinions on the conversion。Then, the full party members attending the meeting voted by secret ballot on whether the three comrades were transferred to the regular schedule, and unanimously approved the three probationary party comrades to be transferred to the regular schedule。Finally, Comrade Chen Yang, member of the Party branch, read it out关于Zhang Li, LiXiaofu, Sun Jiao comrade regular branch resolution。




In quick successionBranch secretaryZhou FeihuThe comrade spoke, he was on schedule for the regularA party member expressed his congratulations and at the same time put forward three hopes for all party members。First, it is hoped that the party members of the branch will further strengthen their study and require party members to follow the instructions of the Party organizations at higher levelsTwo learn, one doThe study and implementation of the spirit of the Party's 20 requires that we carry out good learning activities, innovate learning methods and models, increase learning initiative and drive, and enhance effectiveness。Second, we hope that all Party members will further play an exemplary role and remain true to their original aspiration.Make more contributions to the high quality development of the school。Third, hope全体Party members should maintain the spirit of struggle, persist in criticism and self-criticism, take a clear stand against the unhealthy trend and negative thoughts, ensure that the branch is clean and upright, and jointly promote the construction and development of the branch。

会议Finally, all the members of the party sang the International Song, and in the solemn International song,Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School branch CommitteeProbationary party membership meeting圆满结束。


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