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Dongshan High School Pinghe Road campus held a new semester opening ceremony

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Leading the national anthem

The red flag flies, the national anthem is loud, and the students of the national flag Guard are spirited and heroic!Accompanied by the majestic national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly。The class leading the national anthem today is Senior One (5Class, teachers and students sang the national anthem, and the loud singing echoed across the campus。

Speech by student representatives

 2022Nanjing "the Most Beautiful Middle School Students", Senior two (1Li Ke spoke as the student representative

New term speech

In the warm applause of all teachers and students, Deputy Secretary Zhu Cuihua made a speech of the new semester of "Xiangyang Flowers, Persevere in struggle"。

In the new semester, we will continue to seize the day with rock-solid confidence,With the warm spring breeze, with the bright sunshine,More firm and high to take every step!

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