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Building a "four-dimensional classroom" to cultivate core literacy -- Dongshan High School South Station Campus successfully held 2023 teaching Open Day activities

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In order to study the new curriculum standards, new teaching materials and new college entrance examination, Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School was builtThe four-dimensional classroom with the dimension of "situational problem activity experience" cultivates students' core discipline quality and strengthens inter-school exchanges and cooperation.2023524On the morning of September, with the strong support of the teaching and research Office of Jiangning District, Dongshan High School南站The school district successfully hosted aTeaching Open Day activities with the theme of "Building a 'four-dimensional classroom' to cultivate core literacy"。


Focused classroom Wonderful and varied

This teaching Open Day, Dongshan High School joined hands with Jiangning Senior High School,South Normal affiliated Middle School Jiangning Branch, South foreign Fangshan branch, Linjiang Senior High School,以Heterogeneous curriculum"And so onForm in our school南站The campus opened8Subject, total16A wonderful teaching demonstration class。

Teachers from all schools are based on the new textbooks,Combined with the actual situation of the new college entrance examination reform,Follow the teaching rules of the subject,Learn the forward-looking ideas of discipline teaching reform,Fully explore the knowledge connotation,It explains the scientific and reasonable teaching design, the lively teaching form, the practical and efficient teaching process, and the innovative and efficient four-dimensional classroom,It was a wonderful lesson,Won the affirmation of teachers and students。In class, teachers show their style between every gesture, students answer and discuss actively, teachers listen to lectures carefully


Class evaluation and exchange Joint research and development

Communication promotes thinking and sharing the joy of research。The professional development of individual teachers is inseparable from collective discussion, sharing and communication。After open class,The experts of various disciplines, teaching and research staff and teachers invited by the school are combined with the listening situation,A warm and in-depth discussion has been carried out around the subject teaching,Brothers school teachers have said,The teacher's classroom fully reflects the implementation of the new curriculum standards, the understanding of the new teaching materials, and the response to the new college entrance examination,It achieves the unity of situation setting, problem guidance, effective activity and efficient experience,Presented a wonderful class,It was a very fruitful open house。



On the road of teaching and research, we never stop practicing。This teaching Open Day lets us see东高老师学生We strive for excellence and pursue excellenceIt also reflects the continuous study and improvement of the teaching and research groups in the discipline teaching。Our school will take this event as an opportunity to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between schools, further optimize classroom teaching, refine, implement, and deepen education and teaching reform.To contribute to the high quality development of Jiangning education。

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