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Nanjing Dongshan senior high School staff title evaluation (recommendation) implementation measures

Release time: 2023/6/26 10:30:10 Author: Lin Guiping Page Views: 349 times

Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School

Measures for the implementation of evaluation (recommendation) of faculty and staff titles

In order to make the evaluation of professional titles of our school fair, just, open, and based on evidence, according to the spirit of the relevant documents of the provincial, municipal and district professional titles departments and the provincial Department of Education, combined with the actual situation of our school, this program is formulated。

一、Organizational structure

1.Leading group

长:Zhou Feihu

Deputy group leader房 军Ji Lijian, Zhu Cuihua,Lv Qingfeng王 涛、

 员:Luo Xiaowen, WANG Chengbing, Zhang Xiaojun, Wu Xueqin, Sun Suo, Bi Jun

2.Review working group

(1) Review office

 长:宋 春

 员:Wu Yuewei, Chen Yang

2Teaching work review group

 长:Luo Xiaowen

 员:Hu Gaosong, WU Xiaosheng, Cheng Hailong

3Education review Group

 长:孙 琐

 员:Wang Ye Ming, Wu Jun

4Teaching and research work review group

 长:Wu Xueqin

 员:Yan Bingyao

3.Supervisory mediation working group

长:Zhang Xiaojun

员:宋春、Wu Yuewei、陈 扬、

2. Review (recommendation) conditions

According to the relevant requirements of the title and post title of the year, meet the declaration conditions and have the eligibility to declare。

3. Review (recommendation) procedures

  1.Individual declaration。

According to the relevant documents, the teachers who meet the requirements for application shall submit a written application toEvaluation office

2.Submit materials。

Fill in the "Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School Professional and Technical Qualification Applicant Profile Form", and provide supporting materials for filling in the content。Application materials are made in public places of the schoolPublic display for at least 5 working days。

  3.School recommendation。

The school will set up a qualification review team to examine the eligibility of applicants, determine the legitimacy, authenticity, completeness and timeliness of the declaration materials, and recommend them according to the requirements of post Settings。

 (1) If the number of applicants in the year is less than the number of vacancies, all candidates who meet the eligibility for declaration are recommended;

 (2) If the number of applicants in the year is more than the number of vacancies, after the qualification review, the qualified ones will be recommended in accordance with the procedures of public reporting, achievement display, democratic assessment, and review by the leading groupFinal evaluation”“”“”“一般In order, in orderOrganizational recommendation。Public reporting and teacher assessment, the number of participants is not less than 70% of the total school teachers。During the assessment, applicants and immediate family members avoided。The number of students assessed is not less than two classes of students。The recommended results shall be published on the school website or in public places and then submitted to the district education authority for no less than 5 working days。

  4.Report to the competent authority for review。

After the school title evaluation (recommendation) work leading group vote assessment, publicity, by the school title evaluation (recommendation) work office to report or organize the recommended teachers to prepare relevant materials for evaluation as required。

Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School

June 26, 2023


Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School

Professional and technical qualification declaration personnel brief

School name


Applicant discipline

Date of birth


Working hours

Class teacher and management years

Current title

Approval time

Time of appointment

Teacher qualification certificate

Education, degree and major

Full-time education:            Graduation Time:            Major:

On-the-job education:                Graduation Time:            Major:

Social part-time job情况

Join an academic group

表彰Reward situation

Since taking up his present position

Honorary title, recognition award name

Award time

Awarding department





Teaching work since the present position

Start-stop time

Teaching school

Teach or

Course title

Subject, grade and number of students taught

Weekly class hour


Total class hours

Educational work

(Class Teacher, group, team)

Average weekly class hours during current employment

Average attendance during the school year

Since taking up his present positionTeaching main performance resultsOpen classLectures, quality courses, basic skills competitions, etc.)


名称Or content feed

Where to open、竞赛


Organizational unit

Main achievements in teaching and research since taking the present postThesis, project, etc


Name of performance result

At one's own expense

Publication title/organizer

Publication, publication, awards

Since taking up his present position任职Key performance results(Class teacher, administration, two group leaders, etc.)


In what position

Work effectiveness (not repeated with the above content)

Public opinion of teachers

Test situation


Number of consents

Dissenting number

Number of abstentions

Students (for guidance)

Opinion polls


Number of consents

Dissenting number

Number of abstentions

Evaluation order

Leading group签名



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