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Quality analysis of the direction of excellence to promote improvement - Dongshan Senior High School sophomore held October research and commendation conference

Release time: 2023/10/23 15:43:07 Author: Dong Ting Views: 115 times

In order to accurately analyze the examination situation, find the way forward, and help improve the teaching quality, on the evening of October 17, the second grade of the high school of the South Railway Station Campus held a survey and commendation student union in October, and the meeting was presided over by the leader Zhang Chunyin。

The meeting has three main agendas。First of all, Group leader Zhang read out the decision of October research and commendation, and Vice President Ji Lijian and Director Cheng Hailong issued certificates for gold medal students, valiant breakthrough students, discipline winners and beyond students。



Then, Director Cheng Hailong of the Academic Affairs Office conducted a specific data analysis and summary of the study situation survey, fully affirming the excellent results achieved by our students in the survey exam, I hope you can seriously reflect on the analysis of the gains and losses in this exam, find the right direction, and continue to work hard。At the same time, it puts forward specific requirements for the learning routine and behavior routine of the next stage, emphasizing the cultivation of excellent learning habits such as time awareness, classroom efficiency and independent learning after class。


最后,Vice President Ji Lijian made a concluding speech,President Ji affirmed the students' performance in this study,The highlights of the students are pointed out,And from four aspects to the students put forward requirements: require students to be a conscious learner,Be a thinker,Be a person who has dreams and can make them come true,Be a man of dignity。President Ji's speech put forward new expectations and higher requirements for the students. I hope the students can continue to work hard and climb higher together with Donggao!


"When the wind and waves are strong, sail straight to the sea."。This meeting allowed students to unify their thinking, gather strength, and further clarify the goals and directions of future efforts。

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