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Strive for excellence, create good results, unite and strive for the future -- Dongshan High School South Station Campus held all teachers' meeting

Release time: 2023/10/23 16:13:12 Author: Dong Ting Views: 130 times

In order to comprehensively summarize and review the work in the previous stage and clarify the status and specific requirements of the next work,On the afternoon of October 20, 2023, Dongshan High School South Station Campus held a teachers' meeting in Jingcheng Building lecture Hall。


Vice President Ji Lijian led everyone to review the achievements of various work in the beginning of the new semester. During the beginning of the new semester, the growth of teachers is pleasing, the development of students is inspiring, and the reputation of the school continues to rise, which effectively makes the development of the school effective and everyone is a contributor。President Ji fully affirmed the efforts and hard work of teachers during this period of time, and encouraged teachers to continue to climb, strive to become high-quality teachers, get the world's talents and education, ideological, from the wise to the body to demonstrate;In teaching, from pattern construction to cultural consciousness。


Finally, President Ji called on all teachers to work hard to make Donggao teachers become good teachers in the hearts of students, and let Dongshan High School become a sacred place of growth in the memories of students!

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