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Guixiang Jiuli Thank you - Dongshan High School held a series of celebration activities for the Double Ninth Festival

Release time: 2023/10/24 15:42:50 Author: Lin Guiping Page Views: 90 times

Golden chrysanthemums, cinnamon fragrance;The Double Ninth Day of the year and the Double Ninth Day of the year。In order to further inherit the fine traditional Chinese culture and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of respecting the elderly,Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School held a series of celebrations for the Double Ninth Festival。

The double Ninth Day is warm  Love full east high

20231023Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School held its eighth week flag-raising ceremony at its Pinghe Road campus on Sunday. This week's flag-raising ceremony coincided with the traditional Chinese festival, the Double Ninth Festival3Class Du Chenyu students for the whole school teachers and students to bring the theme of "New Year's Double Ninth, today and Double Ninth" speech, she called on all students to respect the elderly, respect the elderly, love the elderly, she wishes all the old people in the world can be happy, healthy。



Warm wishes  The truth is infinite.

1020On Sunday afternoon, all the teachers of Pinghe Road Campus of Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School gathered in the conference room on the sixth floor to hold a symposium to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, sending the care and warmth from all the teachers of Dongshan Senior High School to the old teacher of our school who still sticks to his job after retirement age -- Principal Zhou Feihu。

At the beginning of the activity, Deputy Secretary Zhu Cuihua led all the teachers to review the work experience of Principal Zhou Feihu。Xingtan cultivated for 40 years old, 60 years of cold and hot aspirations。自1981Since joining the work, Principal Zhou Feihu has been teaching and educating people in educational posts with honor42He worked as a principal22年。He devoted his beautiful youth to the cause of education and made great contributions to the development of Jiangning education and many schools。Today, he is still full of passion for education, and we work hard together, he is the warmest morning light on the campus of East High School, the most rich cinnamon, the most powerful eagle!

The school teachers' representatives also offered warm wishes to Principal Zhou Feihu by recording a blessing video,In the video, the teachers looked back fondly on the ordinary but unforgettable years that they worked with Principal Zhou Feihu,He expressed his sincere wishes to President Zhou Feihu,The atmosphere was warm and moving。

Finally, the president of the trade union Zhang Xiaojun presented the certificate of honor for Zhou School, Vice President Lu Qingfeng presented flowers for Zhou School, Vice President Fang Jun presented the "nine Lixiang" trophy for Zhou School。

"Kulixiang Award" trophy color east high purple as the base color, the top is9Osmanthus and the school emblem, the middle of the trophy is the "nine mile incense award" and the teacher's name, below is the eagle's wings。Osmanthus flower is the school flower of East High School, osmanthus flower is also known as "nine Li Xiang"。In the traditional Chinese concept,9It's an auspicious number,9It is the largest digit in the number, the highest meaning, and also expresses respect for the elderly, for our highly respected old teachers。"Nine" and "long" homophonic, have eternal, long meaning。The traditional Chinese Double Ninth Festival also falls on September 9. Dongshan High School Pinghe Road Campus is located on Pinghe Road99号。The following is the wings of the eagle, which is the interpretation of the "eagle like individual" school spirit, and also expresses a praise for the excellent teachers who have dedicated several years to education。




"Sangyu is not late, Key moon is like the wind". The Double ninth Festival is an important holiday in the traditional culture of our country. We sincerely wish all the old teachers who devote their life to education a happy holiday, and express high respect for their hard work and selfless dedication!

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